Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Hero


I get to hold his hand as he says grace over dinner every day...

I sit next to him at the table and watch his interactions with our monkeys and sometimes, he absolutely takes my breath away and I just stare at him with wonder and awe. He never notices. And he never thinks I notice. But I do.

I watch him bring one in for a hug, wipe away a tear, talk away a worry, teach a lesson, smooth a brow, tend a wound, touch a heart... He can leap quadratic equations in a single bound and still have enough energy to give driving lessons. His words can bring them up short and calm them right down. He loves fiercely, with a loud voice and a big heart.

His is no shining armor. Our oldest son would say that is a good thing. Shining armor hasn't been tested in battle. And his has been tested, is still being tested, seven times tested...

His shining armor was first broken in, purposefully and lovingly, by two amazing young women. There was still so much use left in that suit of armor that he made a choice- an overwhelmingly beautiful and courageous decision- to open his heart ever wider to five more tender and trusting souls who needed to be loved that well.

His is the heroic unsung lullaby of a dad who didn't have to be. 


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Awesomeness? I think so! 

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  1. Beautifully written - and it sounds like he's quite a hero!