Monday, March 14, 2011

Requiem for Mama

Theresa "Diane" Rizzo
July 10, 1934 ~ March 13, 1989

It's been 22 years since I wrote this poem after my mom passed away. I read it at her funeral, held steady by my brother's hand on my back. I think it was the first time I remember being so strong in weakness. Not something I enjoy, but good to know I can pull off every now and again. I miss my mom. Still. And sometimes more than I can put into words or sobs or the aching gnaw in your belly that threatens to swallow you up from the inside. 

As I sing in life,
So I shall sing in death.
My life, to me,
Has been a song.
Death claims not,
Who sings so strong.
And yet,
My laughing years grow dim.
No longer time holds in its grasp
My life-
For it is past.
Fear not,
For I can fear no more
Knowing now,
My own life's store.
In death,
We only part for now.
When reunited,
Love shall not have been in vain-
An infinity requited.
Frequencized by few,
You find these pages
Torn and creased.
I paid my dues.
Look not for me.
I am deceased.

Nickie Knieriem (Logan)
March 13, 1989

The thing about pictures is that before digital cameras it was so much tougher to catch the essence of a person. This photo of us isn't the best but it says the most. I'm off in my own world, talking to myself, and the look of love in my mom's eyes as she looks at me is unmistakable. I was her baby. I still am. But... did I mention how much I miss my mom?

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