Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daybook - the first of many, I hope. I love these...

Outside my window...lots of stars and treetops.
I am thinking...about music- what it means to me, what I can do with it and how much happier I am when I can sing.
I am hearing...the drone of the ceiling fan, a few middle of the night bi-polar birds and Gary's deep breathing.
I am thankful for...how full my life is- especially this week when everyone is home- and how much joy the people in it (namely my moosen and monkeys) bring me, even in the everyday chaos.
I am praying for...God's plan for our lives. We are doing a Strategic Life bible study to help us live a more intentional life- one that honors and glorifies Him while using our unique talents and teaching our children what it is to be a follower of Christ. No small order, this.
Toward a healthier me....Ran 4 miles with my 9 year old fleetfoot, wanting to make it a habit, both for me because I feel better when I am running regularly and for her because she enjoys it so much and it's nice to have something to share with one another. Trying to remember to drink more water and eat more protein. And get more sleep. Making an appointment with my doctor to figure out why I keep getting so dizzy.
Inspiring me this week...Honestly? Music. Being around other folks who are as passionate as I am about singing  just fills me to bursting with joy.
From the kitchen... Trying to be more intentional about mealtimes also. Writing down what meals have a majority of happy bellies and varying it up, while trying to pare down the grocery bill, have less unusable leftovers and keep it all somewhat nutritious.
I am wearing...an oversized orange shirt of Gary's that almost comes to my knees and black yoga shorts.
I am creating...a place to write by starting this blog. When I sent out an email blast to my closest compadres about what they thought my unique gifts were, I was surprised that unanimously they listed writing. I knew it but I didn't know that they did. I have missed writing regularly so this might be the best place to wipe the cobwebs from my brain and use my passion for creative communication here :)
I am going...to finish going through our wedding pictures and get them posted on facebook and picassa. There were 16oo photos taken and we've had sick kiddos and out of town friends and random craziness. We just need to get it done. This week.
I am reading...Oddly enough, nothing right now. A couple of devotions but sporadically - hmmm, need to work on that- and nothing else. I think I really need to get my head back into a few books to feed my heart and head a bit.
Toward a lifelong education... Finally taking the voice lessons I have always wanted to take, which thrills me to no end. Would love to go back to school someday, but not just yet.
On keeping home...Need to finish decorating our bedroom and living room. And paint the laundry room. So I can stop stressing about how it's not done. And just enjoy the home we are making together.
One of my favorite things...Hugs. Everyday when Gary leaves for work and when he comes home again and as we drift off to sleep.  Random monkey hugs, especially the rare teen variety. "Just because" hugs. "I missed you" hugs. "I'm home" hugs. "Good-night" hugs. Hugs fuel my soul.
A verse for this week:
"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works, which He has prepared in advance for us to do"
 ~ Ephesians 2:10                                                                                  
A few plans for the rest of the week:  Wedding pictures, running, decorating, voice & choir homework, breathing exercises, bible study homework, grocery shopping, date night. I really need date night :)
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
 Just one of many I really like that I am sorting through :)

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