Friday, May 13, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Deep Breath


I want me a burning bush. Doesn't everyone? I could never deny my God if He deigned to speak to me from a pyre of leaves and branches, lest the fire leap out and devour me whole. I wouldn't argue with Him or try to change His mind or tell Him that He was dead wrong. 

Unfortunately, the whole burning bush thing is a little bit more uncommon these days. 

And so, I have to figure things out all by myself. Well, not completely. The yearning of my soul is apparently leading me in ways I didn't even recognize at first.  I also have some really phenomenal folks in my life that I seem to have collected unwittingly, but no less strategically, who affirm the stirrings of my heart and unpackage the things that are tormenting me. 

And sometimes :::deep breath::: I've got nothing. The hair on my arms doesn't move an inch, I play phone tag to no avail and all I have... is me... and Him. 

And I have to learn to be more still. And I have to listen closer to what is unsaid. And I have to trust the seemingly RIDICULOUS spiritual urgings. And I have to move somewhere in order to get anywhere.

Leaning not on my own understanding.

Burning bush, anyone?


Thanking my beautiful friend & fellow wordsmith, Sam, for another great blog idea.
Every Friday, a new prompt & intentional 5 minute freewrite. 
Awesomeness? I think so!


  1. Welcome to blogging! Thanks for visiting.
    Yes, I would like a burning bush, something to tell me that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, or where to go in the future! Wish I knew how to hear whether they were spiritual urgings or selfish ones sometimes too.

  2. Good morning,
    I loved what you said on your sidebar: "I would rather regret doing something than doing nothing.."

    I guess that is what I feel when I get an urge - I feel that if I am walking with Christ, prayed and listened - then that urge must be from Him; so I act upon it.

    Learning to be still is my connection. For 10 years I have sat at His feet almost every morning - early and listened to Him.

    I am a Martha by nature but have become a Mary through Christ.

    Blessings on your writing, your marriage and your family,